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Renner Italia is at Expo 2015 

with its wood coatings of the Tree of Life.

The final countdown is over. Tomorrow, May 1st, Expo 2015 inaugurates in Milan and Renner Italia is perfectly represented with the Tree of Life, flagship of the Italian Pavilion and symbol of the whole event.
In fact, our wood coatings decorate and protect the boards of this majestic tree. For more information, please visit:

Tree of Life

Expo Milan 2015

Expo Milan 2015 is the Universal Exposition hosted by Italy until 31st October 2015.
During six months, in Milan all the participants will expose the best of their technologies in order to give a solid answer to vital needs: being able to assure safe and sufficient food for everyone respecting the planet and its harmony.
Expo extends along an area of 1,1 millions sqm and involves more than 140 countries and International Organizations. More than 20 millions visitors are expected to attend the biggest Italian event of 2015 for number of visitors and visibility on the media.

The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life is the symbol of the Italian Pavilion at Expo.
The installation has been coated with the Top Quality wood preserver YM---M101 and the hydro oil YS---M300/--NTR.
According to Marco Balich, the Tree of Life creator, this artwork represents a primeval nature and reflects the traditions and the knowledge of Italian territories.

Many people wish the Tree of Life to survive after the exhibition, exactly like the Eiffel Tower: conceived as a temporary attraction for Paris 1889 World’s fair, and become the symbol of the French capital. We will know that only in autumn; meanwhile, we can enjoy a wonderful and unique artwork.

The tree is made of 1200 curvy larch boards, coming from Austria, it is 35 m high, the structure is in steel and is 70 tons heavy and has a 45-meter diameter crown. The internal part is in steel, but it is the wood that gives the structure its soul.

It is located in the center of the Lake Arena, heart of the 260 shows, 17 events a day, 1 show every hour, light and water illusions of the Italian Pavilion. It will be light up by two firework shows during the nights.
Renner Italia and the Tree of Life, Internet site and report

In order to celebrate Renner Italia’s commitment in the Tree of Life creation, we published an Internet site, that you can easily find on the home page of
On our site we provide many information, first of all, a rich photo gallery with the backstage photos. We are the ones to have collected photos and videos of the realization of the wooden boards, made between January and March 2015 in Swiss, at the Ducret’s plant in Orges, Lausanne.

Expo 2015 MilanYou can find the videos in the video section on iRenner, Renner Italia iPad app. You can also find a bonus clip with the interview of Jean Marc Ducret.
We underline that the Tree of Life has been finished in record time, unlikely many other works in big delay. Since the first days of April, it is ready and can be considered a symbol of an industrious and efficient Italy too. Italy is running, and Renner Italia is part of it.

We are sure you will share with us the satisfaction of this big initiative that makes even more prestigious our research and our products.

Best regards,

Renner Italia S.p.A.

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